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We firmly believe that great work comes from building good relationships with our customers & building partners.


Our Customers & Building Partners

Symmetry Build

Symmetry Build (previously Guns Blazing Construction) was founded by two good friends Matt and Tristan. They believe in a no nonsense approach to building, prioritising not only quality, but efficiency.

Having built strong relationships with their sub trades in the area you can expect great communication, good advice, creative problem solving and seamless project management.

Laser Electrical takes great pride in working alongside the team at Symmetry Build.

Bennie Builders

An award winning family business based in Arrowtown. Bennie Builders offer a high standard of workmanship with a focus on quality workmanship.

The boutique structure of their business means they are efficient and can provide a personal level of service and eye to detail that a project needs.

It is a pleasure to work with James and the team at Bennie Builders.

M&S Construction

Marty and the award winning team at M&S Construction have experience building homes in the Queenstown, Wakatipu area since 1991. They are fully confident on that challenging hillside terrain or the bowling green flat.

At Laser Electrical we firmly believe that great work comes from building good relationships with our building partners and their customers.

Working with M&S Construction is an excellent example of that belief.

Middleton Construction

Middleton Construction is a local company that operates in the Queenstown area building outstanding, top-quality homes.

Our team here at Laser Electrical are proud to be working alongside Steven and his awesome crew.

Fowler Homes Queenstown

Fowler Homes Queenstown can help you put your dream into action and can offer a wide range of options to suit your budget & lifestyle.

Laser Electrical Queenstown are proud to be working alongside the awesome team at Fowler Homes.


I like and highly value the following:
- Laser Electrical's design skills and product knowledge;
- Lasers quoting and accounting clarity;
- Lasers onsite skills and attention to detail;
- Lasers ability to 'take care' and provide a 1x integrated electrical/security/data/automated package;
- A one stop professional 'shop'. All undertaken in a timely manner;
- Lasers ability to work through issues and resolve in a professional manner.

Murray Bennett
Murray Bennett Design Queenstown

You took the problem right out of our hands and nailed it. Brilliant – we have your contact details carved in stone.


I always recommend Laser Electrical Queenstown. You can’t beat more than 15 years of loyalty. I really appreciate everything you do, and quite often with very little notice.


The team at Laser Electrical Queenstown show good leadership in proactively managing risk in their business for employees, their clients, and the public. They do this by engaging effectively with employees and their clients to continually review and improve how they manage safety, seeking professional advice from All About People (their Health and Safety providers) when required.

All About People Emergency Management

Congratulations! We are pleased to advise that your business has successfully completed your Quality Assurance Review. The Quality Assurance Programme is an educational programme designed to help members ensure they have the correct practices in place and are upholding the workmanship standards and professionalism of Master Electricians.

Aoife Lakeman
Master Electricians (ECANZ)
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